how much will my website cost?

The cost of having your own website is made up of 4 components:
  • domain name
  • hosting
  • design & creation
  • maintenance

    domain name

    Owning your domain name is relatively inexpensive. A ‘’ name can be bought for around £2 per year, whilst a ‘.com’ can be obtained for around £10 per year. Many companies vastly overcharge for registering domain names. There are various factors to be taken into account when choosing a domain name and many types of domain name endings to be considered (, .com, .org, .info etc - called Second Level Domains). I strongly advise that you purchase your domain name from the same company that you intend to host your site with (see below). I am happy to advise on which domain name will best suit your purposes and to help you purchase it.


    The hosting you need depends on the type of website you want. All the websites in my portfolio need hosting which costs around £75 per year. Cheaper hosting is available but comes with drawbacks. I am happy to advise on your choice of hosting. Both the domain name and hosting costs are paid direct to the hosting company.

    design & creation

    My direct role is in the design, creation and possibly maintenance (see below) of the website. My fee is £25 per hour. As a guide, the various websites featured in my portfolio cost between £180 - £865. I can focus on keeping the price down by enabling you to be as involved as you wish in the creation process and pointing out which bits you can do yourself if you wish.


    I can be on hand to do any maintenance or improvements as you wish. However, my emphasis on enabling you to be in control of editing the content means that you can do as much of the maintenance as you feel comfortable with. I can provide you with simple instructions and / or tutoring to enable you to do the day to day updating of the website. This keeps down costs which are often initially overlooked when comparing different website designers and which can be considerable.